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An ideal addition to any room, our table effortlessly adapts to various roles – whether it’s a sleek modern sofa side table, a stylish coffee table in the living room, a functional nightstand in the bedroom, a relaxed table in the garden or patio, or even an outdoor table or plant stand. Its versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle and decor choices.
Elevate your hosting experience with the removable tray feature, transforming this round-end table into a practical serving tray that can be effortlessly stored. The plug-in structure on both the front and back sides ensures secure placement, while the curled edge design adds an extra layer of safety, preventing potential accidents when the table is in motion.
Crafted with durability in mind, our small side table boasts anti-rust, waterproof, and sturdy metal construction with a reliable powder coating. The metal used is not only more substantial but also stronger than alternatives, providing a secure foundation that can confidently bear weights of up to 40 kilograms, ensuring both longevity and stability.
Featuring a delicate and small footprint, our round end table optimizes space utilization without compromising on style. Its portability allows you to effortlessly move it to different locations as needed. The adjustable anti-slip mat on each leg not only aids in height adjustment but also protects your floors from potential scratches, ensuring both adaptability and floor care.
Product Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 52.8 cm; 2.8 kg


Black, Green


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